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Idealistic teachers will get weepy at this movie, because it speaks to their self-image as underpaid martyrs, while impressionable teenagers will buy into notion that minorities are unable to help themselves without a white savior to do it in public schools. Immediately upon hearing about this film, I thought of Dangerous Minds. law school essay editing service zip code The Asians, the Blacks, the Latinos, and a very few whites not only don't get along, but also stay with their own and are part of protective and violent gangs. Eventually they all wrote letters to the Austrian lady, still alive, who had hidden Anne Frank, and raised enough money to have her fly to meet their class.

It surprised me, because, in my opinion, it was actually better than the other movies I saw that were similar. The movie was so real, because it was true to the way high school students act, and the problems they faced, not putting a facade over anything to water down the truth, it shows what really happened. editing research paper checklist At the end it is difficult for them to let go, but they are emotionally in immeasurably better shape than on the day she walked in to the class two years earlier. The diaries her students wrote inspired students around the country to do the same. I wish she'd been my teacher and given me The Diary of Anne Frank to read.

As a blind student in college, I have the choice to either sit around and whine or make my life better with tiny, life altering choices. She encourages each of her students to keep a journal of their painful and difficult life, and then to share the journal with her. cheapest custom essay writing www.custom You can rule out innovative plots, too. I would recommend that people go see it, because it is a very well done movie with a brilliant storyline. It wasn't that I was biting my tongue, it was that I wasn't paying attention to the mistakes of the movie wherever they were because I was so engrossed in the plot

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The movie reminded me that all of America isn't like white middle-class suburbia, of which I am a part. Not an easy to feat to accomplish! It is a reminder that a little effort can make a big change.

The photo at the end of the picture suggests a great number of them survived and even thrived. The movie made me feel that the time I spend volunteering at my children's' schools is so worthwhile, but maybe I could do more! Hilary Swank is Erin Gruwell, the new teacher.

The point of the movie is to show that in spite of the difficulties you happen to be in, you still have choices, and you can choose to accept others with differences, and choose a different path for your life. The teacher was new and ideal, the students were hardened, mostly gang members, and educators had given up on them. Freedom writers personal opinion I wanted to stay inside the theater for the next showing!!

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As usual, Hillary Swank puts in a good performance. While the personal connection to the writers doesn't exist in this story the collective enjoyment in watching these writers grow out of stereotypes about race is awesome, even if borrowing from the library. best paper writer korean This inspiring film delivers a positive and productive message.

The actors that played gangsters, dealers really looked like gangsters and dealers so that was good too see. This book definitely shows the power of choice, and what it can do in a hard cruel world where choice is limited. help on writing a personal statement qualified nurses True story about a young teacher Hilary Swank who comes to a rough part of inner-city Los Angeles in the mids and inspires her high school students through expression via personal writings. She starts out with a naive mentality that all she has to do is teach them and they will care but eventually she realizes that a change to her approach will get their attention. Those are the folks the educational system ought to treasure.

I've been to Long Beach and I know it's not that bad. The acting was good but the characters were way too typical, each one was very classic and had been done before thousands of times. i need help writing an argumentative essay u use After watching "Freedom Writers" last night, I felt so passionate about it that I figured the closest I'll get to standing on top of the world and screaming to everyone to go watch this movie, was to comment online. They are a bit old for their parts the kids were meant to be about 16 but their conviction carries them through.

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I recommend this to everyone. It made you become a part of the story and it gets you involved in the story. Freedom writers personal opinion There were some parts of the plot that bothered me though, I found the situation with her husband predictable in a bad way and I felt like it was an aspect of the story that was not totally seen through by the film-making team. Not an easy to feat to accomplish!

The movie was so real, because it was true to the way high school students act, and the problems they faced, not putting a facade over anything to water down the truth, it shows what really happened. It's raw, rocking, and radical. Freedom writers personal opinion This made me hesitant to see it, thinking maybe it was just another retread.

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